Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weekend in Liverpool

So a couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend in Liverpool with my mum for her belated birthday getaway. I love this city, you don't realise just how much there is to do. I took mum to see the Liverpool Tate which she'd never seen before. Unfortunately we didn't have time to see the Monet, Turner and Twombly exhibition however we have seen Monet and Turner exhibitions in the past so we weren't too disheartened. There was some great things on display in the gallery including Sophie Calle's 'The Hotel.' I'd heard about this prior to visiting the Tate and was delighted to see it on display. I loved her simple black and white photographs of what seemed like uninteresting images of various Hotel rooms, but the accompanying stories that came with the images gave the photos so much more meaning.

We also popped into the Walker Art Gallery which was exhibiting the John Moores Painting Prize. I got to see some fantastic paintings...some of my favourites were 'Peter' by David Hockney, 'Cow Mutations' by Tim Head and 'Blotter' by Peter Doig which I thought was especially beautiful. 1972 Olympic Posters were also on display in the gallery which were great, I've always been a fan of art used in the Olympic games.

Being in Liverpool, we of course had to do some Beatles activies, both being huge fans. We booked onto the Magical Mystery Bus Tour which really did exceed my expectations and I'd really recommend it to others in the future. We visited places I'd seen before such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, but we also got to see the childhood homes of the fab four and many other places. We finished off at the Cavern pub which was certainly the highlight, I really felt like I'd stepped back in time. The atmosphere was just incredible as everyone drank, laughed and sang along to the live musician who of course dedicated a few numbers to the Beatles. If I could go back and experience any era, it would hands down have to be the 60s, and just standing there in the Cavern confirmed that for me. The music and the history that that era holds is something I just wish I had experienced, and I love hearing my mum tell me tales and stories of her experiences in the 60s!
The next day we also visited the Beatles' Story museum, something I've wanted to see for a long time. It's a wonderfully set out exhibition, making you feel right there on the Beatles' journey to super-stardom. I read a number of stories and found out many things I'd never known before, this was all of course accompanied by all my favourite songs as I walked through the exhibition. Just brilliant, would go back again. If only we had longer in Liverpool, but we managed to squeeze in a fair bit considering we were only there for a couple of days.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Back to Blogging

Well I've figured how much I miss blogging after a long break away, so I'm BACK. Leaving my MA Blog behind to return to this neglected, empty (for now) one. Hopefully it'll my brighten up with exciting things in no time.
Today I've been working on my website, bit late in the day but it's done. It's just a simple thing through Wix, which I actually think is a very useful template for a first go at website building. Anyway, here it is:!about/cy2g